General Skills listing

A resume shows the places one worked and some aspects of the things done there. With more than 40 years in the business that is a long list and not very informative. This page is to list Marty’s strong points and where he will perform best on your mission.

Marty has led many crews as a department head and overall EIC.  That said he is also happy working down the food chain a bit and supporting the head of department.

Video Dept:
Very familiar with all Blackmagic Design gear
Good with interfacing devices using Image Pro, AJA FS2 and other media interface systems
Trained in Fiber Optic for AV and handy with most types of fiber systems
Handy in most general purpose video connections
Familiar with Sony, Panasonic and Telemetrics PTZ remote systems
A little weak in shading (lacks experience)
Can operate playback systems like playback pro
Experienced in webcasting systems like Elemental
Some experience with Newtek systems, especially Skype TX system
Video camera operator – setup and operate most broadcast cameras

Audio Dept:
Handy with Behringer, Midas, and Roland consoles
Some experience on Yamaha QL series
Basic understanding of Dante networking and configuration
Handy with most analog consoles (if anyone is still using them)
Experienced and comfortable in the analog end of the audio world
General experience with wireless mic systems, good RF knowledge
Very experienced with Clearcom analog comms
Very experienced with Clearcom Matrix and Tempest systems
Familiar with Freespeak programming and deployment
Some experience with Clearcom Helix system

Computer Dept:
Very experienced in management of Windows, MacOS and Linux systems
Experienced in networking systems including router configurations and handling multiple VLANS
Experienced with fiber optic systems for all media (Trained at Light Brigade)

General AV:
Comfortable with most corporate AV needs
Comfortable with Multisource operations

Past experience in film and stage electrics operations
Basic understanding of DMX systems
Not experienced with modern lighting control consoles (in the past was a service rep for Colortran)

Film departments:
Video Playback (on screen TVs and Computer screens) (Owns a playback company see
Video Utility and video assist (I do not own a video assist package)
Special Effects
Some experience in Set Deco and props
Electrics and lighting technician
Worked in ILM Camera department for 20 years building custom rigs and building and repairing film cameras

Stage Management (was a city electrician at Herbst, Davies and Opera House)
Has been job steward on many Local 16 jobs

Certified for boom lift, scissors lift operations.
Awaiting update for forklift certification. Coming soon
Trained at Light Brigade in Fiber Optics for AV

Certified as an Emergency Medical Technician in California

Member of IATSE Local 16 since 1980