Sparkology Video Playback

Some people think seeing a TV or computer screen with a camera is a problem. Marty Brenneis has been solving those problems since 1990. That was back in the day when TV screens and film cameras just didn’t get along. When the LCD arrived the sync issues went away, but someone still has to manage the images, that I Love Lucy episode is not going to play itself over and over again.

Now we are getting into a time when producers want to go way back in time and shoot content from a long time ago, like in the 1970’s, ’80’s, and 90’s when lcd screens weren’t around much. That means you need to find an old TV and an old playback technician. Well you can find both at Sparkology. We also have some young playback technicians working with us too.

Is there a PC or a Mac in your script? Perhaps an Apple II or a pong game? We are here to make all that happen. Many of today’s scripts are driven by social media and computer activity, we are here to get the screens to do exactly what you want take after take.

Here are some shows that we have provided playback services on:

Here are a few of the films and TV shows that Sparkology has provided the 24 frame video support.

13 Reasons Why Netflix
Chance Fox 21
Hurlyburly Fine Line Features
Getting Even With Dad MGM
Mrs. Doubtfire 20th Century Fox
So I Married an Ax Murder Sony Pictures
Fearless Warner Bros.
Heart & Souls MCA/Universal
Being Human Warner Bros.
Joy Luck Club Hollywood Pictures
Golden Gate Golden Gate Productions
Nash Bridges Rysher Productions
A Smile Like Yours Rysher Productions
“Golden Gate” the pilot NBC Productions
Tenderfoots 20th Century Fox
Jade Paramount pictures
Perfect Strangers NBC Productions
The Conversation Sony Pictures
Jack Hollywood Pictures
Grand Avenue HBO Productions
Metro Disney
Flubber Disney
Scream Frightmare Productions

Here are a few of our commercial clients:

Intuit – Quicken
Intuit – Quickbooks
American Express
First Union Bank

Marty’s start as an electrician

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